Honest Design and Integrated Campaigns with WinField United

Design that stands out is something that can’t be overstated in advertising. For WinField United, our talented team collaborated on a new brand positioning that took a stand against the mundane, sea-of-sameness that is design and advertising in farming. It turned into something beautiful, authentic and different: Honest Ag.

Wilt the Honest Ag platform, we got real about the challenges farmers face and the multitude of decisions they make on a daily basis, letting them know we get it. We created unexpected graphics and bold headlines to show them WinField United is an ag company that’s not afraid to be different, real and listen to their customers. Our work with WinField United spanned from broad, integrated campaigns to detailed tools and sales materials for staff.

From the case study on Colle McVoy’s website: The old expected earthy color palettes and overly sentimental photography were replaced with disruptive uses of color, a graphic approach to imagery and an emphasis on bold typography. If you want to get noticed, be bold. If you want to be trusted, be honest. This campaign does both.

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