SXSW Brand Experience with Land O’Lakes

Land O’Lakes is a food company that touches the entire food system, from farmer to fork – though many consumers only see it as a butter company. To spark conversations about our complex agriculture industry, food systems and supply chains, we created an immersive experience at SXSW. Like Nicholas Copernicus did centuries ago, we challenged long-held beliefs and showed attendees a new side of food and

The Copernicus Project hosted speakers and panels throughout the weekend and included engaging, instagrammable activations – like a complex, intertwining food web to show how humans are not actually at the top of the food chain and an immersive video experience about plant biodiversity. We even served beer brewed from upcycled bread.

Through a digital and social campaign, a media partnership with the Washington Post, media relations and promotions through SXSW, we got the word out about our experience and had thousands of our target audience SXSW-goers stop by to learn about the future food.

Learn more about the experience on the Colle McVoy website.

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