Modern Day Identity Crisis

This is might be a short one… but a topic that I’ve always wanted to write about, but never really had the courage or the confidence to put it all on paper.

But the rhetoric around the election, COVID and this year just makes it all the more important to know who you are and stand firm in your beliefs.

Being a Christian who also leans Democrat, while also claiming the title of Feminist while being married since the age of 23, while being a city girl while also loving her family in the country, is a lonely mix of titles to carry. And many people upon hearing any of this will start to challenge it, throw out all the contradictions they think I hold without really knowing me or my beliefs. That’s people I know, people I love or even strangers on the internet. In America, we put emphasis on titles that wrap us up in a bow or group us together. 2020 has tried to convince me that I’m an outlier for having different points of view. But in real life, no one really thinks like that, all the exact same. Do they?

I guess I just don’t believe that God created us so that we’d all be alike. If he wanted us to all interpret the bible one way or live out His mission in one direction, you’d like He’d make it a little more clear. Or – hear me out – maybe He wants us all to be unique individuals, reaching people at different places and times with different points of view to help advance His kingdom.

You could call it a modern day identity crisis or an end-of-year tangent, but moral of the story is: stand firm in what YOU think is right, but BE KIND to people who think differently than you. That’s the only way I’ve found we’re going to make it out of this, together.

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