Advocacy, Social and PR for Proof Alliance

Proof Alliance is a Minnesota-based organization fighting to end fetal alcohol spectrum disorders once and for all. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of conflicting information on the internet about drinking during pregnancy, and while no amount of alcohol during pregnancy has been proven safe, mothers around the world aren’t sure what to believe. Proof Alliance exists not to tell women what to do, but to share the facts: that we simply don’t have evidence that alcohol can be safe to consume while pregnant. In fact, one in twenty children has an FASD.

Our work started with creating a new brand for the organization, including a new name, logo, color palette, tone and overall identity. The new system was more memorable and allowed us to create compelling graphics, advocating for safe pregnancies across the state of Minnesota. Our comprehensive digital, print, OOH and social campaigns got attention season after season, and Proof Alliance saw a huge lift in website traffic and donations because of the work.

But we didn’t want to stop there. To spark conversations in earned media and beyond, we partnered with liquor stores across the state to include informational wine bags at the checkout counter. Dubbed the bags that could “change a life”, we reached our audience at the point of purchase and directed them to the Proof Alliance website for more information and resources. Through social, media relations and PSAs, we amplified our message even more to the state of Minnesota, spreading even more awareness of FASD.

Learn more about this work on the Colle McVoy website.

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