Waterfall Canyon
Waterfall Canyon, Ogden, Utah

The outdoors and travel have always been my way to relax and refresh. I starting looking at my weekends as an opportunity to find adventure, get outdoors, cure my travel blues and return to work on Monday feeling renewed and refreshed. So I created #nocoastweekend to document my trips – mostly, weekends – that help me escape. I also think Minnesota is WAY underrated… so I’m determined to show how incredible it can be.

I’m passionate about seeing the world and keeping the 9-5 job at the same time; I’m not able to (nor do I want to) claim the digital nomad lifestyle. I’m striving make the most of my weekends – whether in my backyard in Minnesota or a plane ride away.

Along with my husband and our adventure pup (#NoCoastNordy), we’re aiming to explore the state and the world one weekend at a time.