Welcome! I’ll keep this brief. 

I’m in account management at advertising and creative agency Colle McVoy, helping create and manage purpose-driven work for brands looking to spark curiosity in the world. We’re based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, where I also live with my husband and the coolest dog ever

I’ve always had a love for writing and blogging my passion for travel, from refreshing weekend trips to adventures around the world. I also think Minnesota is WAY underrated… so I’ve been determined to show how incredible it can be through blogging my experiences. 

Somewhere along the way, my lifelong dream of writing a book wove its way into my story (nice pun) – and I’m slowly but surely writing the next great American novel based around the outdoor industry. 

And in between – doing a lot of what I love, being outside, eating and drinking way too much, and spending time with friends and family. All I’m looking for is what brings me real, honest joy.

Sorry – I’m never good at being brief.

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