Oh, the Places I’ve Been



Switzerland is first because it’s my dream location – mountains and lakes, chocolate and cheese… what more could a girl want? We spent nearly a week roaming through everything from tiny mountain towns to its central hubs like Zurich, Lucerne and Geneva. Switzerland is a great place for easy travel between cities and a beautiful mix of old and new. And, the perfect location for Sound of Music vibes.


Ah, France! Home to some of the best food I’ve ever had and the most incredible architecture I’ve ever seen. While our time was only spent in Paris, it was absolutely magical and certainly made me want to come back to explore more of the country. For an amazing taste of western European culture and beautiful sights like the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame and the Louvre, head to Paris.


This little island in the southern Caribbean was our home for a week for our honeymoon and we adored it! We spent so much time seeing the clear water snorkeling and portion of our time living like locals, exploring the town of St. George’s and the rainforest. The people and the culture are incredible – and this spice island is a must-do for anyone looking for a tropical vacation off the beaten path.



Schnitzel, beer and beautiful cathedrals was our little snapshot of our few days in Germany! There are so many different sides to Germany you have to explore – and we’ve only hit a fraction of it so far. But, I have to say it is home to some of the most beautiful architecture I’ve ever seen.



England will always hold a special place in my heart because I spent 6 weeks here on a study abroad trip in college exploring the rich history of the country. London, of course, was incredible, but one of my other favorite places was the city of York.

Acadia National Park

Northeast United States

New England is the most underrated region of the United States! From Cape Cod to Boston to the mountains of New Hampshire to the rocky shores of Maine, I will forever call this place home after spending three months here for an internship. Put this region on your bucket list.


Midwestern United States

I call the Midwest home, and people think I’m crazy for loving the snowy winters and the humid summers of Minnesota. I truly believe Minneapolis/St. Paul is one of the coolest foodie and brewery cities, the Badlands is one of the coolest national parks and the North Shore of Minnesota is one of the country’s hidden gems. My recommendations for this region are endless!

Southern United States

I’m always so pleasantly surprised when I visit the red rock area of the USA. This region has so much to offer, and is home to some of my favorite hikes and sites of all time. Try visiting Sedona, Arizona or going to Lower Antelope Canyon. If you’re feeling tropical, Southern California never disappoints (as long as you stay away from LA).

Western United States

The good ol’ west. One of my favorite places to see mountains, new landscapes and tons of wildlife. Whether you’re in the countryside of Wyoming and Montana, or driving through the beautiful state of Colorado, or visiting the incredible national parks of the west, you’ll love it.