Favorite Minneapolis Summer Activities

We’ve been living in Minneapolis for about 9 months now, and we’re excited to spend a summer trying out everything the beautiful city has to offer. So far, the weather has been unpredictable (as always), the Twins have been awful and the beer has exceeded expectations.

Breweries, breweries, breweries.

Hope you like craft beer, because we can’t get enough of the breweries in Northeast, the North Loop and all over the Twin Cities. Many have games, food trucks, music, outdoor seating and more. Inbound, Sisyphus, Fair State, 612 Brew and Sociable Cider Werks are some of our absolute favorites.

Bike around the lakes.

With hundreds of miles of beautiful trails in Minneapolis, it’s easy to feel hours away from the city when you’re just a few minutes. One of my favorite things to do on a summer afternoon is pick up on the trail near our place, ride to the lake, eat a picnic lunch and watch the paddle boarders and windsurfers go by. From our apartment, we can bike around Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles and Cedar Lake, plus some of our other favorite places like the Stone Arch Bridge and Northeast neighborhood.

Food trucks. 

If you’re downtown during the week, you can probably walk outside and see a food truck near Nicollet. And there’s no wrong choice–if you’re looking for some quality Minnesota-centric eats, I’d recommend Brooks High (beer-battered fish, wild rice and Midwest favorites) or Outlaw Grill (seriously, what’s more Minnesotan than a burrito filled with tator tots?).


It might feel like Minneapolis-St. Paul is too big for some, but it’s beyond the tall skyscrapers are the blue waters of the lakes and the beautiful state parks. Stillwater is an awesome place to explore, camp and just be outdoors.

We’ll soon be trying out St. Paul to see what the other side of the Mississippi has to offer!

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