Sedona // Arizona

While we’ve always tried to stay away from Arizona because of the heat, we were so pleasantly surprised when we headed north of Phoenix and the temps started cooling down.. and the scenery kept getting better.

Sedona holds a special place in my heart because of its unique atmosphere, both in town and in nature. You can drive to the center of town and be surrounded by bright red rock, feeling as if you’re in the middle of the desert. Then after a short drive north, you can look out through a canyon and see nothing but miles and miles of greenery.

How cool is that? Who knew such a place existed? In my eyes, Sedona is the perfect weekend getaway.

I’m writing about my love for Sedona because I actually had the opportunity to travel to it twice in 2016, and the cold temps in Minnesota leave me wanting to venture back. The first time I went was last  February when we stayed mainly in town, soaking in all that the red rocks and cute ice cream shops had to offer us. We hiked to an amazing chapel built into the red rock (Holy Chapel Sedona) and a small trail in west Sedona.

Anywhere you have a chance to stop in Red Rock State Park is worth it. We spent our entire day just exploring, walking the main road’s shops, driving around the mountains… we even took an off-roading tour at sunset to get even more perspective. Being outside surrounded by this new desert terrain while we were used to heavy snow and ice was such a different experience. We couldn’t think of a better way to end the weekend with margaritas and nachos at the Barking Frog.

The second time, I was passing through Sedona traveling north to Flagstaff, AZ. Slide Rock State Park is just off to the side of the road, which is a perfect opportunity to cool down and take a dip in the water.

We stopped at a beautiful overlook on our winding drive, called Oak Creek Canyon Vista, a perfect stop on the way to Flagstaff. The odd thing? The bright red rocks are now covered by greenery. It’s hard to recognize you’re in the same place. Mother Nature certainly showed us the best of both worlds in Sedona.

When you’re planning your next weekend trip, flying into Phoenix and making the two-hour drive to Sedona is worth it if you want to see all the scenery it encompasses. Take a short hike, explore the town’s quaint shops and find a new adventure in all the colors.

Sedona Recommendations

Don’t Miss: Coconino National Forest, exploring the red rocks and hiking in Sedona, Mexican food.

If You Have Time: Slide Rock State Park, an off-roading or in-town tour.

Skip: Stopping at every overlook to take a photo. Get out and explore for longer when you can!

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