A Rad Weekend in Northern Arizona

It’s odd to think how we’re taught a particular view of a place all our lives, and a short 48-hour excursion can change our minds entirely. I have always pictured Arizona as a dry, hot desert, but I got a new taste of what this diverse state has to offer in February when we road tripped up north.

After flying into Phoenix, we started our 4-hour road trip up north. It’s insane to me how much the landscape and climate changes every thirty minutes on the road. We’d be surrounded by six feet of snow, wondering if we took a wrong turn and ended up in Minnesota – and a few minutes later, it’d be back to the desert.

If you’re planning a trip to northern AZ, here are my can’t-miss items.

Horseshoe Bend

Tucked away in Page, Arizona is Horseshoe Bend, the famous horseshoe-shaped canyon with water flowing through. A short hike down reveals stunning panoramic views. This was our first stop on Saturday.

Even in the middle of Arizona’s February cold spell, it was beautiful to see! Although you don’t need too long here, I’d recommend spending some time sitting just looking out into the canyon. 

Antelope Canyon

Breathtaking. Incredible. I don’t think there are enough adjectives in the English dictionary to describe this place. We did a tour of the canyon on Saturday afternoon as tours are the only way to explore this place (we did Ken’s, but you can’t go wrong with any).

Don’t get too carried away with taking photos – you’ll want to take a picture at each angle and spot you can, but it’s an hour long tour of stunning views. It’s worth it to get the great shots your tour guide suggests and then spend the rest of the time taking it all in.

Mountain Towns – Jerome

On Saturday night, we stopped and explored downtown Flagstaff. But my favorite day of town exploring came Sunday when we drove down to Jerome on our way back to Phoenix. Jerome is an old historic mining town built into the side of a mountain. We enjoyed just walking around town, getting lunch and reading some of the old historic markers. If you’re there in season, you can do a mining tour as well.


Don’t Miss: Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend

If You Have Time: Jerome, downtown Flagstaff

Skip: The Grand Canyon (do I dare say this?) and save it for a trip all on its own. I’m looking into Grand Canyon + Havasupai Falls next!

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