Planning the Summer and Wild Bumming

Do you ever absolutely hate planning trips or vacations? I can’t relate. No really, I absolutely love planning things, especially vacations. Schedules make me geek out – even in college, I’d help all my friends come up with their class schedules because the puzzling and moving and planning is my absolute favorite thing. I also love to research new places, spending countless hours scouring the internet for hidden gems, restaurants and more.

But, I also get that that’s really not some people’s jam. Some people hate all the time it takes to plan a trip. Vacation is supposed to relieve stress, not cause it, right?

That’s why I was really excited to find Wild Bum and become a Guide Architect to help bring my passion for planning into a format that helps others, too. Wild Bum offers travel guides, sample itineraries and helpful tips for travelers who don’t have the time or excitement to plan a trip.

I love this concept because while travel is such a fun, accessible hobby in my head, it doesn’t always come across that way to others. Wild Bum can help people discover the power of travel wherever they’d like, without the hassle of planning or risk of not finding a magical experience.

My first task? Let everyone know how spectacular New England is, of course. I lived in Boston for just about 3 months, so I got to experience the magic that is New England for a summer and absolutely loved exploring the beach towns along the coast. I recently wrote about some of my favorite spots on east coast, from the city of Boston to some of the best beach towns along New England. All of my favorite beach towns and a sample road trip itinerary can be found in my very first guide, too!

If you love travel but aren’t too fond of the planning, I’d definitely recommend checking out Wild Bum.

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