Explore Your City // Northeast Minneapolis

One thing that I often find myself complaining about at the end of the summer is that I didn’t get to explore the charming neighborhoods within the Minneapolis-St. Paul area enough. I’m starting a new blog series (that, let’s be honest, will probably be never ending) where I’ll #exploremycity and write about my favorite things to do in the underrated Twin Cities area. 

First stop: NE Minneapolis. One of my favorite places to hang out on the weekends, this neighborhood offers a more residential feel with hidden gems throughout.

Brewery Central

NE has some of the most fun and unique breweries in all the state. Many of them are featured on my craft beer blog post, but there’s Able, Bauhaus, Indeed, Dangerous Man and Sociable Ciderwerks, just to name a few. With all the dog-friendly taprooms, games and events, and amazing craft beer from sours to ciders, brewery hopping is one of my favorite activities here.

Artists’ Paradise 

Northeast Minneapolis has a beautiful arts district, including the California Building, which houses over 80 artist studios and hosts open houses throughout the year. Venture over a few blocks to the infamous I Like You shop for some amazing gifts and a sweet photo op.

Eats + Drinks 

Breweries aren’t the only place you can get a drink in NE. I love Tattersall and Norseman distilleries, along with the popular Betty Dangers, home to a mini golf course, good food, unique drinks and a ferris wheel that overlooks the Minneapolis skyline.

One of the newer and best, up-and-coming restaurants in the entire city lives in NE. Young Joni was created by Minneapolis chef Ann Kim, who also owns a few other pizza joints in the city. Go for pizza, apps and cocktails!

Nic and I love ending our nights in Northeast at 331 Club, a tiny hole-in-the-wall dance spot with local bands, DJs, trivia and drunk spelling bees. Really, you can’t go wrong in NE Minneapolis.


Don’t Miss: Trying a cider or sour at a brewery, Young Joni (make reservations!)

If You Have Time: Betty Dangers, 331 Club, artists studios or shops

Skip: Driving. Try taking a bike or scooter around

Cover photo credit: Mpls Art

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