Lucerne, Switzerland

We recently got back from 12 days in Europe, and I had to start my blog series on the trip with my favorite city we visited: Lucerne. This beautiful Swiss city is both quiet and bustling, quaint and fascinating. Lucerne has heavy Catholic and German influences, which makes it an incredibly scenic town. As an old walled city, Lucerne has both beautiful architecture and stunning views of Lake Lucerne and the Swiss Alps.

The infamous Chapel Bridge was not a disappointment, and was our first stop. As you walk across this old wooden bridge, you can follow along with the Catholic-inspired paintings on the arches. This was one of my favorite places to spend time, gazing out onto the water. We also found a free walking tour was the best way to learn about this city’s rich history and see our favorite spots in an efficient way.

We ventured through town, to the beautiful Jesuit Church, over to the Lion Monument, and by the edge of Lake Lucerne. Near the end of the walking tour, we walked up a few hills to the preserved walls from when Lucerne was a completely walled city to a scenic overlook view of the city and mountains.

One of the best (and most touristy) experiences of our time in Lucerne was the Golden Round Trip at Mount Pilatus. Even with the massive crowds, I would visit this again in a heartbeat. The Golden Round trip takes you on a boat cruise on Lake Lucerne to the bottom of the mountain, up the world’s steepest cog railway to the top, and down the mountain via cableway. 

Per usual, we were cheapskates when it came to food – quick grocery store meals and snacks. We did, however, have a wonderful meal at Basilico with Nic’s distant relatives who live in the city! It was a neat surprise to learn we had family in Lucerne, and it made the city even more special to us.

If you’re in Switzerland, make it a point to spend at least a day in Lucerne. It’s the most magical place! 


Don’t Miss: The Chapel Bridge, Mount Pilatus, Jesuit Church.

If You Have Time: Lion Monument, cruise on Lake Lucerne, walking or history tour.

Skip: Spending $$$ on food. Find some good cheese or a grocery store for meals.

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