Planning a Europe Trip // Best Tips + Resources

As you may have seen spammed all over my Instagram, Nic and I recently went to Germany, Switzerland and France for a quick tour of some of the spots we’ve been dreaming of. It was an incredible trip – and more to come on the days in each town! – but I wanted to share some tips I had from going through the planning process over the past few months.

I planned this trip on a strict budget with time constraints, but it was the trip of my dreams. 

Finding a Flight

Google Flights is my best friend. No, seriously…. it’s probably my most-used website. That’s how I found my $400 RT flight deal for this trip on a random Thursday night searching between different airports.

Additionally, I’ve seen success with Thrifty Traveler. This Minnesota-based travel website posts good prices and all the dates you can go so you’re on alert for a good deal.

Planning Resources

The thing that was hardest for me to understand while planning was how we should go place to place. Train travel throughout these different countries confused me, and I wanted to make sure we weren’t overpaying. Two websites I found especially helpful:

  • The Man in Seat 61 – this website lays out train travel and exactly what you need to know about traveling within Europe. I found it super helpful to understand how each countries’ train and ticket system works, the benefits of buying a rail pass, and more.
  • GoEuro – this one helped me find the best mode of transportation at the best price. By far this was the best travel-booking site I used during planning.

Packing Tips

My packing and organization is what saved me on this trip. That super flight deal I mentioned came with a super caveat: I could only bring a 22lb bag. Plus, since we were going between multiple cities, I wanted something smaller I could carry on my back.

I bought the Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible from eBags and I was so impressed with how light and comfortable it was. From there, I got extremely organized with what I wanted to bring – even going as far as using sticky notes on the wall to put together my outfits. I also used these compression cubes to be able to pack more.

In the end, I credit my trip being a wonderful and less stressful because I spent the time to plan well, check the budget often and pack carefully. I hope you find your next adventure soon!

6 thoughts on “Planning a Europe Trip // Best Tips + Resources

  1. Thank you for this! We have family in Europe and I’m trying to plan a trip for my family of 4! I think planning and packing are the hardest parts for me! I’m a serious overpacker!!!


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