Geneva, Switzerland

On our way to Paris, we spent a day in Geneva, the capital of Switzerland perched right on Lake Geneva. In all honesty, Geneva was a lot different than some of the other Swiss towns we visited, with a lot of French influence. 

Geneva was newer and more modern, felt a little less old-timey Swiss charming, with all the qualities of a capital city. But the stunning views of Lake Geneva and bustling streets were a brand new atmosphere for us on this trip – an exciting change – so I put aside my disappointment and rolled with it.

The top spots to hit in Geneva include the United Nations headquarters, the Jet d’Eau water fountain on the lake, and the St. Pierre Cathedral. One of the coolest things we saw was the Reformation Wall, a tribute to the key players of the reformation tucked away in a cute park on the way to downtown Geneva.

However, I found my favorite spots to be unmarked street corners, hole-in-the-wall shops and the view from our Airbnb. I rounded a corner to find a beautiful wine bar with a full-flowered wall and ended up drinking Swiss wine at three o’clock in the afternoon. We also loved just sitting by the lake and enjoying the Jet d’Eau while watching people walk by.

Because Switzerland was formed as a piece-together of a few different peoples and cultures, part of Switzerland is German, part is French and a small part is Italian. Nearly five different languages are spoken, which makes talking to locals a total gamble.

Geneva is a beautiful Swiss interpretation of French culture… a place that I’m grateful we got to spend a day and a half in on our journey.

Geneva Recommendations

Don’t miss: Reformation Wall, Jet d’Eau,

If you have time: UN Headquarters, St. Pierre Cathedral, shopping

Skip: Spending $$$ on food. Find some good cheese or a grocery store for meals. (I will say this about everywhere in Switzerland !!!)

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