Guest Post: Magnolia Magic in December // Waco, TX

Magnolia Warehouse

After a fun holiday trip to Texas, I (Rachel’s friend Alyssa – hi!) wanted to share our day in Waco. Here’s what we enjoyed as well as some tips to make your trip even better than ours!

We started off by putting our names in at Magnolia Table. I would definitely recommend doing this right away! Google said the wait could be about 45 minutes, but with it being a Saturday, Christmas break, AND the weekend of the Alamo Bowl, we waited 2.5 hours for a table! We were thankful we got in when we did though, as they stopped taking names shortly after we arrived in order to be able to close on time at 3 pm.

Because of our wait time, we were then able to make the short 7 minute drive to Magnolia Market for some shopping. The silos, market, bakery, and everything else on the property were wonderful! We didn’t spend a ton of time outside, but they have a huge area with Magnolia-style food trucks, lawn games, porch swings, and more. Try to plan your trip during the warmer months, as you’ll want to spend hours relaxing here! The aroma of the kettle corn and other sweet treats wafted throughout the market as we shopped, making it hard to save our appetites for lunch. 

Once we made it back to Magnolia Table, my husband Brett and I both ordered the pancake breakfasts, complete with homemade tater tots, sausage, eggs, and pancakes. Delicious!

The Magnolia Warehouse was the Gaines’ original shop on Bosque Boulevard. There, you can find last seasons’ products at discounted prices. If you bring your receipt from Magnolia Market, you’ll get an additional 10% off at the warehouse! We then decided to spend the afternoon with warm drinks at a coffee shop near the Market. We found this charming little place called Bru only 3 blocks from Magnolia Market. It was an old elevator shaft-turned espresso bar.

Towards the early evening, we went to a huge boutique (oxymoron?!) called Spice just a few blocks down the road. I couldn’t believe the amount of clothes, gifts, decorations, and everything else they had! You could spend hours and not see it all. Definitely recommend checking it out- This picture shows maybe 10% of the store!

For dinner we went to the Twisted RootThe restaurant took over the location of a former playhouse, and is now a quirky restaurant / bar. I got the Freshman 15 burger, and Brett ordered the Lots-a-shroom; both are recommended! Check out my sister’s s’mores shake, complete with toasted marshmallows!

We weren’t sure what a trip to Waco would look like in December, but, despite the chilly temps, we had a great time! Enjoy your travels!

Waco/Magnolia Recommendations

Don’t Miss: Magnolia Market, Magnolia Table, Spice

If You Have Time: Magnolia Warehouse, spending an afternoon at fun spots like Bru or Twisted Root

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