Need a Long Weekend Trip? Try Cape Cod, Temecula or the UP

If you’re anything like me, now’s the time you are planning your 2020 trips and celebrating the new year by booking a flight (#newyearsameme). If you need a quick fix, here are some fun weekend trips I love.

Falmouth or Martha’s Vineyard / Cape Cod, Massachusetts

When we visited Cape Cod, we opted for the southwestern tip, in a city called Falmouth. I’ve never seen clearer water in my entire life, so we spent a ton of time on the beautiful beaches and biking around on the awesome trails. We also decided to take a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard for one day, which was really fun! The ferry didn’t take too long and we got to walk around the incredible streets of Martha’s Vineyard, look at souvenirs we couldn’t afford and houses we would never be able to afford.

All in all, it was a perfect amount of time to stay and explore, because Cape Cod can get a little pricey. A long weekend here is a great choice, but make sure you keep an eye on traffic.

Southern Cali Wine Country / Temecula, California

Not too far from San Diego, Temecula is southern California’s wine country with miles and miles of unique wineries. From my personal experience, this is a perfect place for a girl’s weekend, even if you wanted to stay in San Diego and do a day trip (which is what we did). I don’t have any specific recommendations on wineries – I don’t think you can go wrong! – but we loved getting brunch, listening to live music and trying a few different ones.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore / Upper Peninsula, Michigan

When we planned our family trip to Michigan, we decided to drive from Minnesota (about 10 hours). The Upper Peninsula is huge, but we opted to go to the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, which was unbelievably beautiful. Unfortunately there aren’t a ton of drive-able lookouts, so the best way to see the Pictured Rocks is hiking or a boat tour, which we did both of.

The trail we hiked was to Chapel Falls and then Chapel Rock, which ends at Lake Superior and a beautiful view. The next night, we did a sunset cruise on the lake and saw a majority of shore, which was one of our favorite parts.

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